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Chocolate Making As A Business

Chocolate is one of the products that come from milk and cocoa.
Kentim conducts trainings that enable participants to learn the business of chocolate making using minimum resources.

Ice Cream Making As A Business

Icecream is not only considered as a food stuff, but a source of pleasure and excitment among the kids and a section of people in the milk products loving communities.
Kentim will not only teach you how to make and name Icecream but also how to market it.

Hay Production As A Business

Hay Making is one of the lucrative businesses that the youth can do to earn money.
It is Ideal for farm Owners, Managers & Young Entreprenuers.

Candle As A Business

Candles are commonly used in our day to day life - in Churches, Restaurants, Bars, Functions & Bedrooms.
They come in different sizes, colors and scents. Come and learn how the beautiful candles you see are made out of wax.

Silage Production As A Business

Silage provides a farmer with one of the sure ways of going thru a dry season with comfort.
Come and learn the various types of Silage and why every farmer must learn how to prepare Silage.

Juice Making As A Business

Juice can be extracted from different fruits. It help to revitalize our bodies. Its production can be as exciting as its consumption. Come and Learn the business of juice making.

Spices Production As A Business

Spices make our food, sauce and drinks tasty and enjoyable. They are highly profitable and hence a good candidate for a person who wants to do farming as a business
Come to kentim and learn how to process, brand and blend Spices

Poultry As A Business

Kentim trains farmers to do poultry farming using Caging, Dip-Liter and Semi Intensive system. It examines the economics of each system.

IMO Technology in Piggery

IMO Technology enables Piggery Business to become enjoyable and less stressing. You get releaved from the bad smell and have your pigs ready for the market in a relatively short period of time.

Nursery Bed Managment As A Business

Nursery Bed Business makes one the of very lucrative business yet it is simple and cheap to start.
Visit us at Kentim to Learn more..

Yorghut Making As A Business

Yorghut Making is one of the most profitable business along the Dairy Value Chain.
Come to Kentim and learn how yorghut business can easily be started.

Mushroom Production As A Business

Mushrooms have different types and functions. Come and learn about the various existing products that come from mushrooms.
For example: After Shave, Health products, Vaseline, Wine ETC...

Tomato & Its Value Chain

Tomatoes have a wide number of products that make the Tomato Value chain one of the most competitive agricultural Value chains.
Kentim trains participants to appreciate the various product along the Tomato Value Chain.
For Example:

  • Tomato & Chilli Sause
  • Tomato & Chilli Jam
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Tomato Wine
  • Tomato Squash
  • Multi-purpose Juakali - G-Nuts, Soy Bean, Sim Sim

    Come and Learn Various Businesses that you can start with less than USD 100$ and earn substantial amount of money monthly.

    Wine Making As A Business

    Wine is one of the most precious drinks that is Globally appreciated. It comes from different products.
    Kentim will help you learn different types of Wines and how they are processed and marketed.

    Bread, Cookies, Cakes Baking As A Business

    Baking can be fun but also its a business. Come and learn how to bake bread, cookies, cakes etc