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Community Polytechnic Certificate in Agriculture (CPCA)

This Certificate enables P7,S1, S2, S3 & S4 leavers to study and acquire certificates that can be used to upgrade to a degree level.
Kentim trains participants to gain hands-on skills using its training facilities.

National Certificate in Agriculture (NCA)

Offered to S4 Leavers or those with the equivalent of S4. This certificate enables the bearer to qualify for Diploma and later degree trainings.
Trainees are exposed to demonstration units that make them to be practical, highly competitive and knowledgeable after studying.

Diploma in Animal Production & Management (DAPA)

This course targets S6 leavers or certificate holders. It enables the students to gain a deeper understanding of animal production as a business thru examining the various livestock value chains production and gross margins.

Diploma in Crop Production and Management (DCPA)

This course is for S6 Leavers or Certificate holders. It enables the students to appreciate crop production along the entire crop value chains and also tackles gross margins and production.